What does boosting the immune system mean and should you do it?

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https://youtu.be/1vbWD96RjVE You might be reading a few articles on social media about boosting your immune system.  A more accurate phrase would be activating or supporting immune function. A holistic or naturopathic approach can be a great option to prepare your immune system for foreign invaders or disease-causing agents. This holistic or “Naturopathic Approach” is based on […]

Consume These

by in Paleo Guide February 17, 2020

Meats, Eggs, and Seafood 3 main attributes of a higher quality meat includes the quality of the fat, quality of the protein,  The type and quality of the fats. Cheap hamburgers and processed meats often have added low quality saturated fats to boost their weight and flavor.  Lean steaks and salmon may contain the same […]

Avoid These

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Most likely your ancestors didn’t have access to these foods so we are going to avoid them. These foods are generally loaded with calories and empy on nutrients.   Sugar Let’s start with one obvious fact.  Sweet foods lead to over consumption and insulin resistance. Considering about 1/3rd of US adults are diabetic or pre-diabetic, removing […]


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The fatty, salty, and sugary foods are hard to give up because of the pleasure response from the brain.  Remember our bodies want fatty, salty, and sweet foods. Just not the super stimulating processed foods we eat.  We are eating the wrong types of fatty, salty, and sweet foods. There are so many emotions involved […]


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Fats get a bad reputation with the current low-fat diet fad. It all depends on the quality of the fat you are consuming. Sure, if you’re consuming high amounts of saturated fats or trans fats then you will pack on the pounds and cause all sorts of detrimental health effects on your body. Consuming more […]


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The body uses the proteins we consume to essentially make every tissue structure in our bodies. Proteins also function as enzymes, hormones, and are heavily involved in our cardiovascular and immune systems. Our body metabolizes about 1 pound of our protein mass daily for use in our natural body processes. We are in fact what […]


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Carbohydrates play an important role in human biochemistry as they’re our main source of quick energy. There are two basic kinds of Carbohydrates; Simple and Complex. Simple: White sugar, white bread, baked goods, etc… which in high amounts have shown to causes inflammation, blood sugar dysfunction, cancer promotion, oxidative stress, and suppress immune function. Complex: […]

Cheat Sheet

by in Paleo Guide February 14, 2020

Eat Organic fruits Organic vegetables Grass feed meats Free range animal protein Wild Caught Fish/seafood Eggs Nuts/Seeds Oils: olive, coconut, flaxseed, avocado. (Grass feed butter) Legumes: feel free to eat any and all beans. (not all paleo diets allow this) (up to you) Don’t eat Grains Dairy Sugar Processed foods Artificial sweeteners Vegetable oil: vegetable, […]

Our Chemical Energy: ATP

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An important factor to optimize physical performance is to maximize cellular levels of stored nutrients as fuel for ATP. Adenosine triphospate (ATP) is our chemical energy. 3 systems or pathways play a key role in using our chemical energy. The creatine phosphate system, anaerobic glycolysis, and the aerobic system which includes tca cycle, beta oxidation […]

Introduction to Paleo

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Intro Our bodies have been programmed to eat certain foods for tens of thousands of years.  Some of the foods in the diets of modern society have only been around about 100 hundred years.  These newer foods that have been only been made available recently can slow digestion and metabolism, wreak havoc with hormones, and […]