Individual Appointments

Work 1 on 1 with Dr. Kneessi.  We are currently offering virtual appointments.  Start your health journey today. 

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Self Directed Programs

Holistic programs designed to help you become well.  Our signature program is designed to challenge individuals to become well by using The Naturopathic Approach. 

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Naturopathic Health Questionnaire

Our most popular option.  The extensive questionnaire will cover each organ system in great detail in addition to questions about your lifestyle. 

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Individual Appointments


New to Naturopathic medicine?  Not sure if it’s the right option for you?  Discuss your health goals with Dr. Kneessi over a 15 minute phone conversation or video call.


The first 60-90 minute appointment is all about collecting information and listening to your story which helps Dr. Kneessi identify the root causes of your health concern.  


30 minute appointments to review your progress and discuss your plan moving forward.  



A positive goal oriented and performance oriented wellness program that challenges you to achieve 50 points each week using the Naturopathic Approach.


A step by step guide to help build a bullet proof gut. Your intestines are designed to act as a natural and selective barrier which is why a healthy gut is key to achieving optimal health.


Interesting in attempting your first detox?  Your 100th?  We have many options available depending on your goal.


Natural Pharmacy

There are thousands of beneficial micronutrients found in nature.  Micronutrients are known to have numerous beneficial effects on human physiology and biochemistry.  

Signature Program

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