The fatty, salty, and sugary foods are hard to give up because of the pleasure response from the brain.  Remember our bodies want fatty, salty, and sweet foods. Just not the super stimulating processed foods we eat.  We are eating the wrong types of fatty, salty, and sweet foods.

There are so many emotions involved with the foods we choose and most of the time it is unclear that this is actually happening


Let’s start with one obvious fact.  Sweet foods lead to over consumption and insulin resistance. Considering about 1/3rd of US adults are diabetic or pre-diabetic, removing excess sugar from the diet is a must. Over consumption of sugar can result in something called reactive hypoglycemia.  This usually is followed by a spike in our stress hormone called cortisol.  Overtime this will result in the body wanting more carbohydrates.

  1. Reactive hypoglycemia
  2. Leads to elevated cortisol
  3. Leads to cravings to increase blood sugar
  4. Excess sugar is turned into triglycerides
  5. Increased triglycerides and increased blood sugar leads to leptin resistance and insulin resistance

Other components of elevated sugar in the diet. 

  • Empty calories, no nutrients
  • Promote growth of “bad” bacteria
  • Inflammatory food via leptin and insulin resistance


  • 200-600x sweeter than sugar
  • Sweet fruits and vegetables are no longer perceived as sweet
  • Taste of sweetness is decreased causing increase consumption of sweets.
  • Leads to leptin resistance
  • Activates reward and pleasure centers
  • Trained to eat sugar/sweeteners during periods of increased stress