Avoid These


Most likely your ancestors didn’t have access to these foods so we are going to avoid them. These foods are generally loaded with calories and empy on nutrients.  


Let’s start with one obvious fact.  Sweet foods lead to over consumption and insulin resistance. Considering about 1/3rd of US adults are diabetic or pre-diabetic, removing excess sugar from the diet is a must. Over consumption of sugar can result in something called reactive hypoglycemia.  This usually is followed by a spike in our stress hormone called cortisol.  Overtime this will result in the body wanting more carbohydrates. 

Endless cycle 

  • Reactive hypoglycemia
  • Leads to elevated cortisol
  • Leads to cravings to increase blood sugar
  • Excess sugar is turned into triglycerides
  • Increased triglycerides and increased blood sugar leads to leptin resistance and insulin resistance

A low-sugar diet can help you avoid insulin resistance and blood sugar level fluctuations.  Steadier blood sugar levels can help keep your energy level constant and reduce fatigue


Some sweeteners can be 200-600x sweeter than sugar!  This makes our bodies wanting sweet foods and can result in sweet fruits and vegetables no longer perceived as sweet.

Another cycle

  • Taste of sweetness is decreased causing increase consumption of sweets.
  • Leads to leptin resistance
  • Activates reward and pleasure centers
  • Trained to eat sugar/sweeteners during periods of increased stress


Inhibit your inhibitory mechanisms which leads to poor decision making.  We’ve all been there. How often do you eat unhealthy food after a late night out?

Poor outcomes

  • Promotes intestinal permeability
  • Promotes growth of bad bacteria
  • Inhibit immune system (pro inflammatory)


The protein we are concerned with in diary products is Casein  It can bind to opioid receptors located within our nervous system and can result in the slowing of peristalsis. Its common for people with Gluten sensitivity to be sensitive to Casein as well.

Cheese is mostly concentrated casein and is often the hardest food for people to give up on this type of challenge.  


Adults have trouble converting to usable sugar.  Can promote bad bacteria growth.


Secretes high amounts of insulin when consumed. Consumed with a paleo diet is fine.  The problem is when whey is consumed with other foods that can spike insulin levels.  

Gluten / Grains 

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Seed oils 

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