Genetic Counseling

Every individual is genetically unique, with variations in our DNA shaping not just our physical appearance, but also how our bodies metabolize nutrients. These genetic variances can significantly influence our health and wellbeing. By understanding these variations, Dr. Kneessi can develop health recommendations that are as unique as you are.

Genetic Analysis and Interpretation

You may already be familiar with or, which offer raw genetic analysis testing. These tests can provide a wealth of data about your genetic makeup. To harness this data fully, Dr. Kneessi utilizes advanced software to interpret the results. This software helps illuminate how your genetic data influences various physiological pathways and body systems. For instance, it can provide insights into genetic variations such as the MTHFR mutation, which is known to have significant impacts on health.

Personalized Care for Unique Needs

Understanding your genetic makeup allows for highly personalized care. Genetic counseling is a powerful tool in the functional medicine toolkit, offering you insights into your health that can guide treatment plans and lifestyle changes. By tailoring the approach to your unique genetic profile, Dr. Kneessi can help optimize your health and wellbeing.

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