Weight Loss Program

Dr. Kneessi’s 12 Phase Weight Loss Program focuses on personal wellness to improve overall health while helping to achieve weight goals.

Not All Diets Are Created Equal

Most weight management programs use a one-diet-fits-all approach, where the same plan is given to each individual without tailoring.  This practice assumes each individual has the same metabolic needs as everyone else.  This is rarely the case.  Naturopathic Medicine uses a holistic and evidenced based science approach for weight management.  This approach allows Dr. Kneessi to create a personalized weight management program addressing the root causes of weight gain.

Some of the most common reasons weight management programs fail include:

  • Too many calories
  • Too little calories
  • Inflammation
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Blood sugar issues
  • Stress

  • Poor digestion
  • Inability to burn total calories being consumed
  • Poor liver function
  • Food sensitivities
  • Leaky gut
  • Methylation issues

These are the reasons certain diets and weight loss programs that focus on only one aspect of weight loss rarely work out over long term.  A program that restricts caloric intake only, can result in short term weight loss, but is rarely sustainable.  These diets usually result in eventual weight gain and a slower metabolism.  Only when the root causes of weight struggles are determined can a proper nutritional and supplemental plan be put together.

What Are The Benefits of the Weight Loss Program?

Besides having more energy and feeling incredible, Dr. Kneessi’s 12 Phase Weight Management Program focuses on personal wellness to improve overall health while helping to achieve weight goals.  Dr. Kneessi’s program allows the individual to eat the foods they crave while slowly accustoming to a lifestyle that is optimal for their biochemistry and cellular physiology.

Let’s face it, eliminating all unhealthy foods and beverages isn’t going to happen over night, so having a system in place that allows the individual to enjoy these foods is critical when trying to maintain or achieve a healthy weight.  With this proven system you can still enjoy certain treats while also focusing on optimal health.

Who Is Weight Loss Program For?

Anyone looking for RESULTS!  The following are two common stories concerning weight management.

Two friends decide to start a low-fat diet at the same time.  After one month, one friend, loses 10 pounds and the other losses zero even though they ate the same exact foods and were very strict with their diet.  Why is this?  It’s because this particular diet focused on the root cause of the friend who lost 10 pounds, while the root cause was not addressed for the friend who lost no weight.  A low-fat diet worked for the first friend, but didn’t for the second friend because their main issue is inflammation.  Once inflammation is addressed, then the second person will see results.

Another common example is when individuals go on diet plans where they need to count calories and measure foods based on the simple philosophy of “calories in” must equal “calories out”.  This philosophy is stating you must not eat more calories than you are burning.  In principal this sounds great, but rarely is weight management this simple.  It’s common for individuals to see results in the first week or two on this type of diet plan.  Sure a low calorie diet will work for a short amount of time, but over the long haul this type of program will actually result in slowing down your metabolism, to match your caloric intake, resulting in weight gain.  This is not addressing the root cause of the individuals weight issues.

How Does Your Weight Loss Program Work?

Dr. Kneessi’s Program is made up of 12 phases that focus on a different aspect of wellness and has a designated time frame to reach a specific goal.  Below is a visual representation of Dr. Kneessi’s program to make it easier for you to see the process.

Dr. Kneessi’s 12 Phase Weight Loss Program

With the completion of each phase, the program gets gradually more progressive.  After the 8th phase you will be taught a simple point system based on the foods you eat to help you track your diet.   This simple point system will help the individual implement the program into their everyday life to make life-lasting changes

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