Welcome to the official website of Dr. Kneessi. He focuses on the use of nutrition, supplements, and botanicals to achieve optimal health. Find below some of the services offered by Dr. Kneessi.

Fertility Health Support
Dr. Kneessi share his view on a holistic approach to Fertility Health Support. The holistic approach focuses on the root cause of reproductive problems. So, what are the real issues with fertility health? Read More more about Fertility Health 

Digestive Disorders
Dr. Kneessi share a holistic approach to addressing Digestive Disorders. A holistic approach considers many factors of health with the goal of addressing the root cause of the problem. Read More about Digestive Disorders 

Leaky Gut Syndrome
Dr. Kneessi discusses the causes of Leaky Gut Syndrome . He has developed a proven four stage system to help you heal leaky gut syndrome. Read More about Leaky Gut Syndrome 

Digestive Disorders
Dr. Kneessi’s 12 Phase Weight Loss Program focuses on personal wellness to improve overall health while helping to achieve weight goals. Read More about Weight Loss Program 

Thyroid Health
Dr. Kneessi share a holistic approach to Thyroid Health. A holistic approach is vital when addressing thyroid disorders. How can you maintain a healthy thyroid and what are the issues? Read More about Thyroid Health 

Food Sensitivities
Dr. Kneessi’s examine the difference between food sensitivities and food allergies. He goes further to explore common health issues associated with food sensitivities. Read More about Food Sensitivities 

Fibromyalgia Disorder
Dr. Kneessi share a holistic approach to addressing Fibromyalgia disorder. Fibromyalgia disorder is a very complex disorder and it affects every individual differently. Read More about Fibromyalgia Disorder 

Common Conditions
Dr. Kneessi discusses in detail naturopathic approach to common conditions.  He goes further to list different types of common conditions. Read More about Common Conditions