Success Stories

*No guarantee of specific results and the results can vary.*

Dr. Kneessi’s naturopathic services has helped numerous individuals. Read what some of these individuals are saying!

My stomach pains are gone. My reflux is under control. My episodes of fatigue have stopped. My fibromyalgia symptoms have disappeared, along with my appointments with specialists. If I had known how drastically my quality of life (and therefore, my family's quality of life) was going to improve, I would have chosen to spend the time and money on me years ago. I, my children, and my husband, thank you.


*Before starting my treatment plan with Ryan I had stomach pain all through the day. I couldn’t tell what they were from but they were interfering with my social life and work life. After my first appointment with Ryan he told me without hesitation what was going on with me and how he could help me restore my health. He took a full history and was confident about my condition and how it could be treated.
After 6-8 weeks of following his instructions I have no more pain in my stomach. I don’t have to worry about when they may occur. It is very relieving. When I felt like giving up he gave me the encouragement that I needed and altered my plan based on my needs. It was a great experience.*


Dr. Kneessi has DRASTICALLY changed my life. Ever since I can remember, I've dealt with one problem after another. In between being sick with every cold, every fly, sinus infections and everything imaginable, i was also constantly being dealt another bad card, from kidney stones to endometriosis, then pelvic congestion and ovarian cysts. I was on many different birth controls, trying to find the one that worked for me...I never found that one. Throughout my life, I've been on modern medicines over and over again for this and that and dealt with side effects from EVERYTHING. I had given up hope that it was ever going to change to where I was "normal" and healthy. It wasn't until I developed an overactive thyroid, that we reached out to Dr. Kneessi. And this is when my life changed..a complete turn around...a change that I had given up hope on ever happening. Through Dr. Kneessi's knowledge and dedication to FIXING me, I have gained a much more positive, HEALTHY outlook on life...something I never thought would happen.
Dr. Kneessi, I will spend the rest of my life thanking you. You have turned my life around and I can't even put into words what it means to me!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!


"I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in October 2015 and I was suffering extreme headaches, joint pains, fatigue, neurological issues, and stomach upset. I had my first visit with Dr. Kneessi shortly after my diagnosis and he was a tremendous help to treat my existing symptoms, as well as the new symptoms the arose after being on long-term antibiotics that were prescribed by my LLMD. It did not take long for my brain fog and memory problems to be resolved, and Dr. Kneessi designed a custom diet plan that I was able to maintain during my treatment. He also helped me to organize my supplements and get the proper supplements and medicine that I needed. He also was flexible with my treatment plans as I got better and better, and tailored them to my needs. I was back to working and feeling so much better by February 2016."
"I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a caring and professional doctor. His advice and treatment helped me when I had little hope of recovery. He still checks in on me to see how I am doing, and I genuinely feel that he provides the best care possible to his patients, and got me back to my healthy self."


"I have battled severe allergy problems for many years. I have been on allergy shots twice and have had sinus surgery; all to no avail. For the last five and a half years, I have been on allergy shots and when my allergist said I had to wean off of them I began to have worse symptoms than I had before I began the shots. I was sick with upper respiratory illness, and found myself at the doctor's office every month. Also, I was breaking out in rashes, which was diagnosed as eczema. I called my allergy specialist and asked to be tested again and begin shots again so I could get some relief, but after getting back on the shots, my symptoms worsened. I was truly left without hope for finding help with all of these issues until I met Dr. Ryan Kneessi. He listened very carefully to all of my health issues and developed a protocol for health and wellness, which was tailored specifically for me. I have followed his advice and protocol, strictly, for about four weeks now. After the first week, I was feeling much better, and after almost four weeks, I have noticed some unexpected benefits. A fatty tumor I have had on my left leg for years has shrunk, and my skin is healthier than ever. I highly recommend Dr. Kneessi, and look forward to enjoying optimal health due to his knowledge and expertise."


*Nothing comes close to Dr. Kneessi and his exceptional practice. I've always been someone who likes solving problems at there root cause and Dr. Kneessi's holistic approach to modern health does just that. I highly recommend if you are in pain or struggling with health issues to reach out to Dr. Kneessi FIRST!*


*Very honest doctor with a lot to offer you in regards to nutrition. Check out his website and blog for some great info.*


*Dr. Kneessi is an extremely knowledgeable and down to earth guy. I wouldn't think twice about consulting him with my health and nutrition needs!*


Before working with Ryan my health was a confusing topic! I had lots of information but little idea how to implement it. I was reassured once I started working with Ryan! I trusted Dr. Ryan to identify what I needed to learn and do, my job was now simple. Do it! I now know what to eat and what to avoid. I know what foods can help and which one's can harm specific to my health goals. Dr. Ryan didn't overload me with information. His 12 week program spoon fed gradual changes that I could work on as we moved forward. The workbook he created for me continues to be a resource when I need to refresh my memory or get re-inspired. I have a better understanding of my personal challenges and how to take personal responsibility.*


*No guarantee of specific results and the results can vary.*