Mitochondrial Dysfunction

What is Mitochondrial dysfunction?

As we all learned in high school, the mitochondria is the powsser house of the cell. What does that mean? It’s responsible for the final portion of energy production (ATP production). We consume macronutrients (carbs, protein, fats) and micronutrients, (vitamins and minerals) which are broken down (metabolized), which eventually leads to energy production (ATP production) in the mitochondria.

Lack of Nutrients Equals Lack of Energy

When we don’t consume the proper numbers of these nutrients, then energy production will be affected. Every single process involved in the body requires ATP for energy. Mitochondrial dysfunction is linked to many chronic diseases in America today. Supporting healthy mitochondrial function will help increase energy levels, weight loss, and move you towards a state of better health.

How To Improve your Mitochondrial Function

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