Inflammation and Health

What Is Inflammation?

Inflammation occurs when the immune system is fighting a threat to the body.  These possible threats include pathogens, injuries, and toxic or chemical exposure the body doesn’t recognize. The immune system uses inflammation in the short term to its benefit which helps repair damage tissue or cellular physiology.

Hormones (bradykinin and histamine) dilate blood vessels in the surrounding area of the inflammation allowing for more blood to reach the injured tissue resulting in healing of the tissues. The cardiovascular system is vital in delivering immune cells to the injured tissue. If the threat is contained and tissue repaired then inflammation is no longer needed to help the body heal.

Chronic Inflammation and its roots in the digestive system

Chronic inflammation is a complication in the body where the tissues are not healing because of a constant stress. These stresses include but not limited to constant ingestion of toxic or unrecognizable particles, repeated injuries (fish bone caught in intestines), or antibiotic resistant pathogens. Many foods consumed in the Standard American Diet (SAD diet) have shown to cause chronic inflammation.

Lasting effects of inflammation

If the body is constantly mounting a immune response to the foods we eat daily, then other body processes will slow down resulting in decreased energy levels, increased weight gain, poor functioning of immune function, and numerous other detrimental factors affecting our health.

How can you treat inflammation?

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