Your Guide Towards Wellness

The “Get Your 50” program is a wellness guide developed by a Naturopathic (natural) Doctor. It was designed for people who want to be healthier and become the best possible versions of themselves!

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Your goal each week is to reach 50 points. That’s it. No calorie counting needed! You will focus on achieving goals as opposed to restricting calories and avoiding points. We believe a positive oriented goal is the best approach towards becoming well. "Get your 50" contains lists of foods to eat and which foods to avoid. These lists include 3 points, 2 points, and -1 point sections. Yes, we allow cheat meals! The program also contains recipes with pre-calculated points to help you reach your goal. Let us be your guide to wellness and a healthier you.

Get your 50 points every week

We highly recommend to print out your SCORECARD each week. It makes it super simple to keep your score each week. It's also a fantastic motivator if you keep it on your fridge!

Your Guide Towards Wellness.

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3 Point Recipes

Recieve 3 points per meal from recipes in this approved list

2 Point Recipes

Receive 2 points per meal from recipes in this approved list


Foods to Eat/Avoid

View the list of "approved foods" and "foods to avoid". Approved foods are worth 3 or 2 points. Foods to avoid are worth -1 point.

Purchase Nutritional Meal Supplement

High quality supplement loaded with nutrients to help support healthy physiology. 1 daily shake is recommended with the program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What foods are recommended?

Think like your ancestors. Most types of meats, preferably organic, grass-fed, range-free, or wild game. All fruits and veggies. Nuts, seeds, legumes. You will have plenty of options. We recommend looking at each approved food list.
Is this program right for me?

This program can be helpful for most individuals. Before switching your current dietary habits, it's always recommended to have a discussion with your doctor regarding your health. This program is designed to work as a guide. To provide you with tools to stay motivated and push you towards success
What foods should I avoid?

Processed foods! If it doesn't exist in nature, you probably shouldn't eat it. Grains, candy, cookies, pastries, dairy, sugar, many types of oils, fried foods, and junk food. We recommend looking at the foods to avoid list.
How do I get started?

It's highly recommended to print out the score card and place on your fridge. This step is very important because writing down your results is a key factor for sticking with the plan. Review the guide and go to the grocery store. Stick to the approved foods lists and/or recipes guides and aim for 50 points each week.
Can I eat this way long term?

Dr. Kneessi developed the program to help individuals achieve optimal health. The most common question I get is "what do you eat". He developed this program based on his every day life!

50 points is too hard. Can I increase or decrease the points?

50 points is the goal. If this is too hard for you, we recommend starting with a lower point goal and working your way up to 50 points. It's all about achieving optimal health and that's probably not going to occur overnight. If 50 is too easy, go for 70 points which is the max amount. 3 points for every meal (3 meals max daily) plus exercise daily.
What about snacks?

Great question and probably the most common question. You can't gain points from snacking, you can only get negative points. Any foods from the "3 point" list can be had as a snack. You don't gain any points, but you don't lose any points. All other snack foods get negative 1 point for each serving. Eat a pint of ice cream and get -4 points! Remember, it's all about getting 50 points each week. We allow small cheat meals and snacks, you just get a few points subtracted from your overall weekly score.
Can I only eat organic food?

It’s recommended to use organic food as much as possible. This is an attempt to avoid many of the additives, pesticides, and other toxins that have entered the food supply.
Tell me more about the Nutritional Meal Supplement.

It's recommend to eat 2 meals and drink 1 shake daily. Each shake is 3 points and counts as a meal. You can't have more than 3 meals each day. The shake contains macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients. These specific nutrients focus on inflammation, oxidative stress, and overall support of human physiology and biochemistry.
What about beverages?

Ideally, you're drinking half your body weight (lbs) in ounces of water. if you weigh 200 pounds, you need to drink 100oz of water daily. You can also drink, in moderation, soda water, teas, and yes you can have 1 16oz cup of coffee per day. Just don't put cream or sugar in the coffee as that will be negative 1 points.
Is this program Gluten Free?

Yes & No. This program involves getting rid of all grains, including wheat/gluten. It is one of the main foods to avoid. A few foods containing gluten might be found in the "2 point" list.

What about alcohol?

You can enjoy 1 glass of wine per day/night. Every serving of alcohol over 1 glass of wine is negative 1 points. If you have 3 beers, then you get negative 3 points. Also, you can't save up points 🙂 You can't drink 3 glasses of wine 1 night because you didn't drink the previous 2 nights. Nice Try!
Bonus points for exercise?

This program is about becoming a better version of yourself. Yes, that would include exercising! You can get 1 bonus point each day for exercising. You need to exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes to get the extra point. No you don't get 2 points for exercising for 1 hour. The 30 minutes of exercise can range from walking for 30 minutes straight, weights, or high intensity exercises. Just get out and move!
Seems to be high in animal protein.

A popular misconception is that this program is a high meat diet. This is not true and we urge you to remember that the focus of this program is too get more fruits and vegetables. Most people need about 50 servings of fruit and vegetables each week. Many of the recipes contain meat, but they are also high in vegetables.
I don't see a calorie limit. Can I eat too much with this program?

General rule of thumb is to eat until you feel satisfied, it's not about stuffing yourself. While portion sizes are not the major focus, you’ll still want to eat reasonable portion sizes. Eat until you feel satisfied, and when you get hungry feel free to eat again. Remember the program recommends 1 shake daily and 2 meals. If still hungry, you can incorporate healthy snacks.

I have more questions

This FAQ page can be 100 pages long with all the questions. Sign up for a free consultation with Dr. Kneessi if you have addition questions.

Have more questions? Setup a Free Consultation with Dr. Kneessi. Best for individuals who want to get healthy.