Blood Sugar Dysfunction

What causes blood sugar dysfunction?

The Standard American Diet is loaded with foods that result in high blood sugars and high levels of the hormones insulin and leptin being secreted. Insulin is what takes the glucose (sugar for energy) out of the blood and into tissues. When blood sugar levels increase, more insulin is secreted from the pancreas to get the energy into the tissues. Leptin is also secreted to let your body know that you have enough energy and that you don’t need to eat anymore at this time. When a diet is overloaded with sugar then resistance towards insulin and leptin occur.

How does a resistance towards insulin and leptin affect you?

Leptin resistance results in overeating because it’s not sending its message to the body to stop eating. This results in even more consumption of food. Insulin resistance leads to glucose staying in the blood and not reaching the tissues. When this occurs our tissues are not receiving the important energy they need to survive which results in the body to rely on other mechanisms to feed the tissues. Over time this can lead to the development of diabetes or metabolic syndrome.

How can you prevent blood sugar dysfunction?

Eating a diet with a focus on regulating blood sugars in proper ranges will result in optimal functioning of certain hormones in our body. When this feedback system is working properly one will achieve higher energy levels and a state of optimal health.

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